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UK prepares new bill for better bus services

The Bus Services Bill introduced to Parliament will help authorities deliver more regular services for passengers and help cut rush hour congestion. The UK Department for Transport has announced in a

Cycling to be encouraged with congestion charges

Cycling to be encouraged with congestion charges

With over 100 billion EUR, congestion costs European cities over 1% of the EU GDP per year. Looking for a solution, ECF studied the implementation of congestion charges in 4

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April 2016 FoTcp innovation and business trends

April 2016 FoTcp innovation and business trends

From railway modernization plans with collective funding and new safe driving technologies to aviation and space innovations, month of April 2016 was quite interesting for technology and innovation for the

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nuTonomy is closer to delivering fully autonomous taxi service

nuTonomy has completed a Series A funding, which will accelerate its project of offering the world's first fully autonomous taxi service in 2018. Self-driving cars software developer nuTonomy Inc. has announced

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Toyota and Uber to collaborate for ridesharing services

Toyota and Uber will work together for expanding ridesharing services, developing in-car apps that support Uber drivers, and accelerating research efforts. Toyota Motor Corporation has announced in a press release that